Traffice Awareness

Traffic Action Force

Yuva Unstoppable in association with the Traffic Police (Gujarat) have started “Traffic Action force” campaign where in, the youth of the city and the volunteers from Yuva helps traffic police in managing the hustle-bustle of the road. We, as a youth based movement understand the difficulties faced by police officers and hence have offered a helping hand to the hardworking police officers of our city. All the volunteers accompanying police officers in their task wears a reflective jacket and are authorized to manage the traffic for some amount of time. Volunteers are divided in team and teams are allotted different spots for managing traffic.

  • Accompany the group of volunteers to help the traffic police at various cross-roads of the city
  • Explain the citizens of this state the importance of following traffic rules
  • Cooperating with traffic police, controlling traffic on cross-road, awareness about traffic rulers and pledge are the crux of this program.




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