UDAAN – Spread wings

Empowering through Education – Living a Dream, Building a Future

  • In India, every 1 out of 4 children below 14 years of age is waiting to get into secondary schools.
  • Research has shown that the highest dropout rate in municipal schools is usually after the 8th grade and the primary reason for it is financial problems.
  • 48% of India’s children are not enrolled in higher secondary school. Sometimes, poor children cannot even access elementary education.
  • Therefore, with a vision to ensure 'Education for All', Udaan – our exceptional scholarship program – was launched, in association with Nrups Consultants LLP, in September 2015.
  • It aims to enhance enrolment ratios at elementary levels and to reduce drop-outs at secondary and higher secondary levels in municipal schools.

YThrough its ongoing efforts, Udaan has enrolled 250-300 new students with a guaranteed scholarship for 5 years. And it aspires to take this number to 500 scholarships, by 2018.

Detailed Eligibility Criteria for Awarding Scholarships.




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