Educational Scholarship Program

Close to 48% of India’s children are not enrolled in higher secondary school / college because of poverty, accessibility, and availability of finance issues. Our Education Scholarships Program ‘Udaan’ aims to give wings to such students so that they can fly high and realise their ambitions.


UDAAN is a holistic scholarship program that supports the higher secondary and college education of meritorious students from economically challenged families. The scholarship program was launched in 2015 Scholars are identified through a well-rounded selection process resulting in a financial gift, capacity building sessions and mentorship interaction and opportunities. Scholarships are provided for a tenure ranging from 2 – 6 years, depending on the degree of choice.

Monitoring & Mentoring

Yuva Unstoppable facilitates regular mentoring and training sessions for the beneficiaries often conducted by the benefactors and various eminent personalities & experts from different industries. This enables overall growth and development of the students. Regular career counselling is also provided to the students to aid effective and rewarding career choices.

Mentoring Sessions

Regular meetings are organised for guiding the students and helping them overcome their challenges. The aim of these interactive sessions is to build a dialogue around career and life in general, with the students and their parents and boost their morale. It offers a safe space for all the students to freely discuss their problems and encourages prompt resolution of the same. Quarterly Analysis and Mentoring sessions are conducted to further enable all-rounded development of these students.

Expert Sessions

In these sessions experts from various fields like engineering, medicine, accounts, etc. are invited to share their subject knowledge and experience with the beneficiaries. The objective is to support the children to get more clarity about their areas of interest and set realistic aspirations. Therefore, it serves as a catalyst for effective decision making and career choices among students. The students get first-hand experience into the challenges of professional life as well as the secret of excelling in their endeavours.

How can you help
The Total amount of Scholarship per student (2 years) is INR 1,00,000 (Year 1: 11th Standard - INR 50,0000 and Year 2: 12th Standard - INR 50,000) and additional support (optional) can be offered for 4 Years of College (post 12th Standard) for INR 1,00,000 (INR 25,000 per year).