Alignment with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals SDGS

Goal 1

School Transformation enhances literacy levels which directly reduces poverty.

Goal 2

School Transformation and student scholarships increases well-being and reduces hunger.

Goal 3

Playgrounds and sports activities in schools enhances good health and well-being of children.

Goal 4

Enhanced school infrastructure and digital classrooms improve quality of education.

Goal 5

Equitable development of infrastructure improves gender equality in schools

Goal 6

Hygienic separate toilets for boys and girls, clean and safe drinking water enhances sanitation and well-being of children.

Goal 7

Installation of Solar Panels and water harvesting projects improves access to affordable, clean and sustainable energy.

Goal 8

School Transformation promotes sustained, inclusive and sustainable growth

Goal 9

School Transformation promotes inclusive and resilient infrastructure.

Goal 10

Equitable school transformation reduces inequalities.

Goal 11

Green transformations make schools inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Goal 12

Distribution of fortified nutrition kits to marginalized and vulnerable ensures responsible consumption patterns.

Goal 13

Solar panels reduces reliance on conventional sources of energy and thus helps in combating climate change.

Goal 14

Classroom teaching instills values in children to help conserve life below water

Goal 15

Green school transformation protects and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems.

Goal 16

Equitable school transformation builds effective, accountable and inclusive educational institutions.

Goal 17

Holistic partnerships revitalize and strengthen sustainable development.