Our Values

Our model of action is based on inspiration. We inspire children to achieve greatness, pursue happiness, and become aware and conscious citizens.  We rely on the strength of our volunteers and the power of youth to create a systematic and organic reaction to inflict positive change in society.

Yuva Unstoppable has evolved with a clear theory of change – To transform the lives of less privileged children and youth by maximizing impact in the education sector. 

  • We are committed to driving this change by focusing on the fundamentals –
  • upgrading basic infrastructure facilities in schools
  • providing access to modern means of teaching-learning, and
  • creating a more compassionate world around us.

To educate and transform the lives of children and youth in India by bridging the digital divide by providing devices and digital classrooms and developing sustainable infrastructure for clean water, sanitation, hygiene. Inculcate a sense of self-belief, confidence, gratitude, compassion and passion amongst the recipients.

To positively change the lives of children and youth in need

To transform 10,000 schools and positively impact 5 million children by 2027. To provide 10,000 scholarships to needy and deserving students in the next 5 years

Among the various pitfalls that ail humankind – Hunger, Poverty, Gender Discrimination, Poor Health Facilities, Lack of Clean Water, Sanitation and Inequality in terms of quality education are the glaring ones. As part of our mission, we have a vision to target these lacunas and smoothen these trenches, thereby ensuring a level ground for the needy. In line with this, we have already embedded X out of 17 UN SDGs in our mission.

Timeline Of Yuva Unstoppable

Yuva Unstoppable was founded

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School Transformation Program

Udaan - Education Scholarship Program

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Digishala - Digital Classroom Program

Yuva Ambassadors Programme

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Covid-19 Response Programs & Initiatives