Gandhi Army

Gandhi Army- Biggest tribute to Mahatma Gandhi ever!

On October 2nd, 2014, Yuva Unstoppable organized a historic event in Ahmedabad where over 6,000 people came together to create the world’s first and largest human portrait of Mahatma Gandhi. Using their bodies as tiles, the participants formed a massive mosaic of Gandhi’s face, showcasing their unity and determination to honor his legacy and message of peace and nonviolence.

This event marked the beginning of Yuva Unstoppable’s mission to create a clean Ahmedabad, with the organization focusing on bringing people together to celebrate Gandhi’s legacy and raise awareness about the importance of cleanliness in the first phase of their campaign.

The event was carefully planned and executed, with participants rehearsing beforehand to ensure that everything ran smoothly on the day of the portrait. The end result was a stunning display of unity and determination, as thousands of people joined forces to honor Gandhi and his message of peace and nonviolence.

Since this historic moment, Yuva Unstoppable has continued to work towards a cleaner Ahmedabad through various initiatives and campaigns. Their efforts have inspired countless others to join the cause and contribute to the transformation of their city.

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