Yuva Unstoppable Founder Fight against COVID-19

Yuva Unstoppable Founder Fight against COVID-19

India is dealing with one of the worst crises in decades. Millions have lost their livelihoods. Many are battling extreme poverty, hunger, and the threat of contracting the dreaded Corona Virus itself. Amidst the ongoing chaos and suffering, Being Yuva Unstoppable Founder, under my direction and guidance, has launched various relief initiatives. The vision is to support the disadvantaged and vulnerable sections of the society, to stand up in solidarity against the adversities!

Distribution of Ration Kits, Food Packets, and Cooked Meals

As a social cause organization, we couldn’t sit back and just watch thousands suffer due to loss of work and jobs as the country shut down. The daily wage laborers and migrant workers are the backbones of India’s economy. And it is they who are struggling the most right now! Under this initiative, we are providing them and other needy people dry ration kits consisting of daily essentials like groceries and cleaning supplies. Elderly, widows, differently-abled, destitute, rehabilitated youth, sex workers, and paramedical staff are some of the other beneficiaries. Till date, we have been privileged to feed about 100,000 people across multiple locations in India like Maharashtra, Gujarat, Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh, Haryana, Rajasthan, and many more. In addition to this, our volunteers in different states of India are also distributing food packets and cooked meals to the poor and people living on the streets. Every day, about a thousand people are served.
Ration kit distribution by Amitabh Shah

Ration Kit distribution to daily wagers

Ration kit distribution by Amitabh Shah

Yuva Unstoppable Ration Kits

Distribution of Hygiene & Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Kits

Those who know us also know that we have always believed in serving the ones who serve the nation – our ‘True Heroes’. And this is what led us to drive the ‘Unstoppable Police Project’! Under this initiative, we provide hygiene kits and a ‘thank you’ note for the police and their family members. These frontline warriors stand on the streets in scorching heat and spend sleepless nights for our safety. When they go back home after hours of exposure, they also put the lives of their family members at risk. But still, they stand tall in the service of society. We salute them and their ‘unstoppable’ spirit. So far, Yuva Unstoppable has provided 40000 hygiene kits to police personnel and over 5000 PPE kits to doctors and paramedical workers as a mark of gratitude. We recently distributed safety kits for media personnel too.
Yuva Unstoppable Founder Amitabh Shah & Rashmi Shah giving hygiene kit to police

Yuva Unstoppable Founder giving Hygiene kits for police personnel

Amitabh Shah-Unstoppable Police Project

Hygiene kits for police personnel

Remote learning for students

As e-learning becomes the new normal, we have launched different online learning and mentorship initiatives at Yuva Unstoppable. ‘Janta Mentorship’ virtually connects hundreds of our Scholarship students with their mentors who are leading personalities from multiple fields like. Sports, counseling & psychology, corporate, e-commerce, business, social sector, etc. It also presents a great employee volunteering opportunity for corporate and business entities as well as other organizations. In addition to this, we recently launched the ‘Ghar Bethe Gyanganga’ initiative to engage the students of about 1600 govt. schools we have transformed in India. Under this, we conduct e-learning sessions on academic subjects, value-based education, health and hygiene, and COVID-19 awareness using ed-tech like Google Future Classrooms. What’s more, we also conduct teacher training and capacity building sessions to support them for conducting digital classes.
Irfan Pathan with Amitabh Shah

Janta Mentorship Session with Irfan Pathan

Public Health Awareness

We partnered with the world’s best professional wrestler, philanthropist, actor, motivational speaker, and Yuva ambassador, Sangram Singh for the #HaraoCorona ChampionBanona campaign. It hosts live health and fitness sessions on Sangram Singh’s social media handles to raise awareness about the pandemic and ways to fight it with a healthy body, mind, and soul.


Last but not the least, we are fighting the Corona Virus with Kindness Virus. And all it needs is a bit more compassion, gratitude, optimism, happiness, hope, and love! In this movement, many individuals and entities have joined us, supported, motivated, and believed in us!! We couldn’t be more thankful to them. But as days pass by, the country needs more helping hands, our fellow brothers and sisters need more love, support, and hope to pass through these testing times! To join us in this Unstoppable fight, you may write to us at ami@yuvaunstoppable.org To know more about Yuva Unstoppable’s COVID-19 relief measures, visit: Yuva Unstoppable Founder page PS: All the relief measures are implemented with strict adherence to the norms of personal protection and social distancing. Also, we are supported in our mission by local police and law & enforcement agencies in every district.

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